Settings > Invoices

The Invoices section of the Settings app is where you establish one click approvals, create preset adjustments, manage and configure batch groups, and control voucher settings.


To interact with invoice settings, users need the following permission:

  • Settings (Invoices): Can view and edit settings. This permission lets you view and edit all of the Invoice settings.

Note: This is the only permission for invoice settings. You can assign permissions to users in the Users app.

Settings > Invoices > Approvals

This setting lets you approve and pay invoices with one click. Select Approve and pay in one click to combine the acts of approving an invoice and processing payment. If you enable this setting, the Invoices app still asks you to confirm your approval before submitting. The invoice and the voucher produced by this action will transition to a paid status.

Settings > Invoices > Adjustments

Use this setting to create preset adjustments that you can add to invoices at any time.

Creating an adjustment

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter a Description in the box.
  3. Select a Type from the list: Percent, Amount.
  4. Select the Always show checkbox if you want the adjustment to show up automatically when you create a new invoice. Note: You can still remove an adjustment from invoices with this option enabled.
  5. Enter a Value in the box.
  6. Select a Pro rate from the list: By line, By amount, By quantity, Not prorated.
  7. Select a Relation to total from the list: In addition to, Separate from. Note: Adjustments that are created with a “Relation to total” value of “Separate from” are not included in the Total adjustments amount or Calculated total amount for the invoice."
  8. Select the Export to accounting checkbox if you want to send a copy of the adjustment to an external financial system.
  9. Click Save & close. The adjustment is saved.

Editing an adjustment

  1. Find the adjustment you want to edit and click it.
  2. Click Actions > Edit.
  3. Edit the adjustment.
  4. Click Save & close.

Deleting an adjustment

  1. Select the adjustment you want to delete.
  2. In the adjustment window, select Actions > Delete.
  3. In the Delete adjustment dialog, click Delete. A confirmation message appears and the adjustment is deleted.

Settings > Invoices > Batch groups

Use this setting to create, edit, and delete batch groups, which are used to organize invoices for export as vouchers to an external payment system. FOLIO tenants come with a single batch group, FOLIO, configured. Additional batch groups can be added and the FOLIO batch group label may be edited, but the group itself cannot be deleted.

Creating a batch group

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter a Name in the box.
  3. Optional: Enter a Description in the box.
  4. Click Save. The Batch group is saved.

Editing a batch group

  1. Find the Batch group you want to edit and click the pencil icon.
  2. Edit the batch group.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a batch group

  1. Find the Batch group you want to edit and click the trash can icon.
  2. In the Delete Batch group dialogue box, click Delete. A confirmation message appears and the Batch group is deleted. Note: A batch group may not be deleted if in use on invoice records.

Settings > Invoices > Batch group configuration

Use this setting to configure batch group voucher exports. This configuration enables you to setup automated exports of files containing all invoice vouchers created since the last export. For more information about how vouchers are created, see Invoices > Approving an invoice. All vouchers with the Export to accounting checkbox selected that were created since the last export for the batch group will be exported to a file. For more information about the Export to accounting checkbox, see Invoices > Extended information. Each invoice generates a single unique voucher on which all fund charges are grouped by the fund external account number.

Configuring a batch group

  1. Select a Batch group.
  2. Select a Location type. FTP or SFTP.
  3. Enter an Upload location. If this box is left blank, the export downloads the file to your computer.
  4. Enter a Port, if needed for the file upload location.
  5. Enter a Directory, if needed for the file upload location.
  6. Select a Format. JSON or XML.
  7. Enter a Username, if needed for the file upload location.
  8. Enter a Password, if needed for the file upload location.
  9. Click Save.

Click Show credentials/Hide credentials to show or hide the password. If you want to test the connection with the upload location, click Test connection.

Settings > Invoices > Voucher number

This section lets you configure voucher numbers to use for invoices.

  1. Enter a Prefix, if required by your library. For example, if your financial office requires all invoice payments for the library to begin with “LIB”.
  2. Enter a Starting number.
  3. Click Reset sequence if you need to reset the voucher number.
  4. Select the Allow voucher number to be edited checkbox if you want to allow editing for the voucher number.
Last modified November 13, 2023